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The Well Story

In January of 2020, the pastoral staff took a month to pray about what God was doing in the city of De Pere and how we could join Him in what He was doing.  Each staff member was instructed to go and hear from God about what Destiny could do to connect our community with God.  While each staff member came back with multiple things on their lists, every one of them had one word in common:  "cafe."

It was during that month of prayer that the dream for "The Well" was born.  After years of dreaming and planning, it is now time for that dream to become reality!

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In John Chapter 4 the story is told of Jesus asking a woman at a well for a drink of water. This woman was ostracized by everyone due to her life choices, and she couldn’t believe that Jesus would have any contact with her. Because Jesus took the time to notice her at the well, her life was changed. That’s the goal of The Well. It will be a place where life change happens regularly.

Why The Well?

The Holy Spirit will provide peace, comfort, and freedom to be yourself at The Well. Maybe it’s friends catching up over a cup of coffee, business partners meeting about what the next step is for their company or a husband and wife discussing how they can save their marriage. Maybe it’s two young moms offering each other encouragement as they navigate raising young children. The list goes on and on. The Well will provide an atmosphere where people will meet, and lives will be changed.

A Place for you

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There is a special connection that can be made by consistently serving someone with a smile and kind greeting. The Well is our way of developing relationships with our community members and creating meaningful, life-giving discipleship outside of a Sunday service or D-Group. Matthew 28:19 says “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…” Sometimes discipleship is as simple as offering words of encouragement while serving a cup of coffee.

Here to Serve


The Plan

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What Can I do?

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Prayer is key to everything we do.  Please take time to pray about how God would like you to get involved at the well.

We are raising $800,000 to construct, furnish and start The Well.  As you pray, please ask what God wants to give through you.

Make The Well a part of your regular schedule!  Invite your friends, families and colleagues to join you at The Well and give them the opportunity to experience relational discipleship.

Ready to Join in?

My commitment to Filling The Well:

As God enables me, I will help to bring discipleship to life thruogh The Well.

Thank you for your commitment to help fill The Well!

The Well_Logo transparent_high res.jpg
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